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Posh Nail Bar Marble

Mission Statement

It’s all about the Bad Bitch in you! We built our salon on emphasizing the importance of pampering yourself and taking a minute while you remind yourself that you can do anything.


The Bad Bitch in you is what pushes you every day to get to that moment that you know, “I am doing what I said I wanted to always accomplish.” Your drive for wanting more out of life gets you up from bed every morning, and moves one foot in front of the other, because each step is one step closer to your goal. You must be motivated from within yourself.


We, at Posh Nail Bar, are here to keep reminding you to push as your best self!  Regardless if it's that fiery red nails that you need to give you the confidence or the relaxing facial to rejuvenate your skin!  Leave Posh Nail Bar feeling like a new you while you conquer this every challenging world.

Posh Nail Bar Boutique
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